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Metric - Youth Without Youth

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Marilyn Manson - “Coma White”

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Bonfire | Childish Gambino | Music Video | MTV

Here’s the new video for “Bonfire” off Childish Gambino’s upcoming album, Camp, which drops November 15. Meanwhile, on November 20, Donald Glover’s one-hour stand-up special, WEIRDO, premieres on Comedy Central.

And what have you accomplished lately?

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Yeah Yeah Yeahs - “Date With the Night”

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AWOLNATION - “Kill Your Heroes” 

never let your fear decide your fate

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AWOLNATION - “Burn It Down”

if you’re sick baby girl I would love to be your doctor

(‘scuse me while I dance my white ass off)

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Fiona Apple - Criminal

Heaven help me for the way I am.
Save me from these evil deeds before I get them done.
I know tomorrow brings the consequence at hand,
But I keep living this day like the next will never come.

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The Hundred in the Hands - Pigeons

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Song of the Day:

The Thermals - “Now We Can See”

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And here’s part 2 of today’s SotD offering, and one of my favorite music videos ever:

Song of the Day Part 2:

Kanye West - “Can’t Tell Me Nothing”

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